Visit a Laser Dentist for Help with Your Gums

Posted on: August 31, 2017

Laser DentistryHave you visited a laser dentist yet? If not, we encourage you to call our office and schedule an examination. We can discuss how laser dentistry can be used to improve your oral health and do so in a way that is minimally invasive and comfortable.

Benefits of laser dentistry

One of the main reasons to visit a laser dentist is that procedures can be completed with minimal discomfort. In fact, many patients report that they no longer need anesthesia when dentist use lasers instead of traditional dental tools like a scalpel. Additionally, laser dentistry helps to reduce or even eliminate anxiety altogether.

Traditional dental tools can contribute to fear and anxiety. Lasers do not. Therefore, anyone who considers themselves to be anxious should visit our clinic instead of a traditional dentist office.

How we use lasers

As a laser dentist, we are using lasers to treat the gums. Our soft tissue lasers are ideal for anyone who is experiencing mild to severe gum disease. The benefits of using lasers include:

  • Faster recovery times
  • Less bleeding
  • Increased comfort
  • Greater accuracy
  • Holistic healing

Why lasers are needed to treat gum disease

Gum disease typically occurs because there has been a buildup of plaque and tartar on the portion of the tooth that is underneath the gum line. Keep in mind that the teeth extend all the way into the jaw bone so the visible portion is only a component of the tooth, rather than all of the tooth.

It is entirely possible for plaque to get in the lower region of teeth and when it does, it is impossible to remove it at home with brushing. Therefore, many people suffer gum disease throughout their lifetime. If gum disease is caught early on, it is possible to complete a deep cleaning procedure where the plaque and tartar are removed. Once done, the gums can begin to heal.

Traditionally, this is done using a scalpel where a metal dental tool is used to scrape the plaque and tartar off of the teeth. This can be very painful and lead to gum swelling and bleeding. With lasers, we can break up the plaque and tartar with a small laser beam that does not irritate the gums at all. This is a non-invasive and comfortable way to thoroughly clean the teeth and treat gum disease.

Treating advanced gum disease

If gum disease has advanced, the gums will begin to pull away from the structure of the tooth and expose more of them. Pockets can be created in the gum tissue and these areas can become inflamed, bleed and get infected. As gum disease progresses, it becomes more and more likely that teeth will become loose and eventually fall out, leading to adult tooth loss.

In this scenario, lasers can remove the plaque and tartar that is causing gum disease and also to begin the healing process on the actual gum tissue. Some lasers can even help regenerate gum tissue so that it begins to heal and grow back, decreasing the chance of tooth loss.

Visit our clinic

If you have gum disease or are concerned about your oral health in general, visit our clinic to speak with a laser dentist about how this new technology can be used to improve your oral health.

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