Laser Periodontal Surgery

Posted on: July 28, 2017

Laser periodontal surgery not only grows bone using your own body, but after a full mouth of surgery there is no pain almost all of the time, and nothing that cannot be handled with mild analgesics. No cutting is done and no sutures are necessary. No bone grafts from another human or a cow is needed, nor are any membranes as the patients own body because of the laser creates new bone and new fibers to attach the tooth to the bone. Patients who may be deemed hopeless and told they need to have all their teeth taken out and get an all on 4, teeth in a day done can now save their teeth. Only real teeth can give your mouth the feedback (called proprioception) that tells you how hard to bite into something. Now if you get cavities all the time, and you are continually seeing the dentist, or there is something wrong with your saliva and your mouth is dry all the time, then the most appropriate treatment may be the placement of four to eight implants to hold either a tight fitting denture or a bridge that doesn't come out.

Teeth in a day eliminates all that time spent at the dentist getting patched up. Your smile improves, the collapse of your face is either reversed or prevented, and your chewing improves dramatically, thus improving your nutrition and enjoyment of life.

So, depending on what is the cause of your problems, a solution that is fast and painless is at hand.