As a Sedation Dentist, We Make Summertime Dental Care Comfortable

At our sedation dentist office in New York, we make summertime dental care more comfortable than other practices. Your dental care does not have to be stressful. Many adults fear dental procedures and visits, choosing to be mildly sedated during … Continued

Visit a Laser Dentist for Help with Your Gums

Have you visited a laser dentist yet? If not, we encourage you to call our office and schedule an examination. We can discuss how laser dentistry can be used to improve your oral health and do so in a way … Continued

Laser Periodontal Surgery

Laser periodontal surgery not only grows bone using your own body, but after a full mouth of surgery there is no pain almost all of the time, and nothing that cannot be handled with mild analgesics. No cutting is done … Continued

Laser Surgery and the Types of Lasers Used in Dental Care

Laser surgery has revolutionized many of the procedures that were once done by a dentist with a drill. Laser dentistry is a precise and effective way that allows us to perform many dental procedures with a very specific area of focus, … Continued

Tips to Help Your Dentures Last Longer

As someone wearing dentures, it is important to take the steps necessary to keep them in good condition. Obtaining a natural-looking and comfortable set takes time and a financial investment. With several appointments necessary to create a pair of dentures … Continued

What You Should Know About Implant Dentistry

As a provider of implant dentistry, we provide patients throughout the area with the ability to regain the appearance and functionality of their smile. Losing teeth can be ridiculously challenging. Most people never realize how important their teeth are to … Continued

As a Cosmetic and Implant Dentist, We Can Replace Your Loose Dentures

If you are tired of wearing dentures, visit our New York implant dentist office to learn how we can replace them with a new and secure dental implant. As a cosmetic dentist, we have several ways to replace your teeth … Continued

Scientific Reasons to Smile More and Visit a Laser Dentist in New York

Improving your smile is easy when you have the help of a laser dentist in New York. At our dental office, we have a variety of ways to improve a smile with modern dental techniques. Since we use lasers, we … Continued

The Technology Behind CEREC One Day Crowns

If you have heard of CEREC one day crowns, you may know that we can use them to treat patients faster than nearly any other restoration. If you have not experienced the technology first hand, you may not know how … Continued

How to Brush your Teeth Correctly.

  Chances are you are not brushing correctly. Typically, people put toothpaste on the brush and move the bristles back and forth. The toothbrush only leaves the mouth for spitting. It then goes back in the mouth. Think about it. … Continued